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A cauldron of brewing appears like a great cooking pot with four stout legs. The cauldron is effective at heating any liquid placed in it to a precise temperature (anywhere from just over home temperature to scorching plenty of to boil salt drinking water) and keeping it indefinitely even though nevertheless remaining only somewhat heat to the touch on the skin. A cauldron of brewing supplies a +five competence bonus on Craft (alchemy) ability checks.

This bookmark alters the ebook that holds it so that it appears to become An additional book totally, even on a thorough examining.

This leather-based bottle is crammed to your brim with frothy environmentally friendly liquid. As a full-round action, a witch can goal the bottle with any hex (but not a larger or grand hex) she recognizes that targets only one creature, transferring its outcomes into the brew inside, which congeals right into a sticky syrup. Any creature can use this syrup being a dose of personal injury poison (including the five% opportunity to have an impact on the user if she will not possess the poison use class element).

Specified crystal balls have added powers which might be used from the crystal ball over the concentrate on viewed.

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If your dust is employed from an ooze that specials acid injury with its attacks, the creature must generate a DC 18 Fortitude preserve or be ruined. The dust discounts 5d6 points of damage for the ooze even though its saving throw succeeds.

This brown dust is similar to dust of dryness, but influences acid rather than drinking water and absorbs much less liquid. If it is thrown into acid, a quantity of about 10 gallons is right away reworked into nothingness, as well as dust turns into a marble sized pellet floating or resting the place it absolutely was thrown.

This digest-sized guide includes a seemingly random collection of terms, phrases, and Unusual mnemonic aids. 3 times every day, a bard can seek advice from it while utilizing the lore grasp course function so that you can obtain a +5 competence bonus when getting ten or having 20 over a Awareness Verify.

If a side is pressed two times in quick succession, the character so performing is transported into a random level on the other airplane, as well as all creatures in adjacent squares. The other creatures could keep away from this fate by succeeding on DC 23 Will will save.

This skull, carved from ebony, is wholly evil. Where ever the cranium goes, the area all over it is actually dealt with as if an unhallow spell had been Forged Together with the cranium given that the touched point of origin.

This 10-foot prolonged rope ladder unrolls by itself on command, extending upward into the air and magically Keeping alone set up. The ends of every rope have small loops link here for tying to another rope, a grappling hook, a piton, or comparable fixtures. A 2nd command phrase will make the ladder roll by itself once again, pulling by itself towards whichever stop the speaker is touching. Climbing the ladder is a DC 0 Climb Examine. The ladder can delay to 300 kilos if Keeping by itself during the air, or 600 pounds if hooked up to the strong surface.

This merchandise seems to generally be a standard glass bottle that has a cork. When taken to any airless setting, it retains air within just it continually, frequently renewing its contents. Because of this a character can attract air out on the bottle to breathe.

This horn retains 20 doses of black powder for firearms. Every time a firearm is loaded with black powder directly from this horn, the horn makes a little pocket of air that envelops the gun and permits that shot to be fired underwater or in an area lacking air, for instance a vacuum.

This stuffed rag doll could possibly resemble a child's toy if not for the crucial organs depicted on its cloth. By dabbing the doll that has a couple drops of blood from a dwelling creature (a regular action), the bearer can form a sympathetic link involving the doll as well as target. In case the picked sufferer has spell resistance, the doll should conquer the goal's spell resistance to make the url. As a standard action, the bearer can twist or stab the doll; This offers the goal the sickened affliction for one particular round and deals 1 point of detrimental Power injury in addition 1 level for each die of the doll bearer's sneak attack harm (if any).

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